J.W. Manny, Inc. warranty on new units, Ambco and others. The warranties expressed by each individual manufacturer of each piece of equipment purchased from us will apply to the customer from the day of sale during 1-year, 2-years and 5-years period depending on the manufacturer.


J.W. Manny, Inc. submits all in-warranty repair charges to the manufacturer for the approval, to be covered under the original warranty.


If the manufacturer decides that the warranty is invalid, the charges are sent back to J.W. Manny, Inc. for payment, and are charged back to the customer, indicating that they fall outside the realm of warranties defects, and are considered to be user's errors.


The repair invoices from the manufacturer deemed the responsibility of the customer will be photocopied and sent directly to the customer in question, along with a J.W. Manny, Inc. invoice indicating that NO CHARGES other than those of the manufacturer will be charged to the customer, and that J.W. Manny, Inc. does not receive any reimbursement from the manufacturer for rejected repairs due to user's errors.


J.W. Manny, Inc. does not charge for parts and labor for the repair of warranted equipment. All peripherals, such as air cords, power cords, headbands, receivers, or any other peripheral that can be attached to, or connected to the main unit, are warranted for only 60 days per the manufacturer.


Our company warrants the first year of calibration on said equipment and we guarantee that the equipment meets or exceeds all of ANSI's requirements. However, the calibration of peripherals will be subject to the same warranty for new peripherals. Any calibration requiring a peripheral will be charged at the standard price. Any units repaired after the warranty period will be charged by J.W.