MI-300 Calibration MonitorThe MI-300 Calibration Monitor performs a quick and efficient daily biological calibration check of your audiometer, as required by OSHA. Its lightweight and durable construction will insure years of trouble-free operation.







* LED indicators for right response, left response, and power on.

* Calibration at 70 dB hearing level at 1 kHz.

* Both normally open and normally closed response relay configuration.

* Automatic power off when not in use.

* Designed for wall mount or table top use.

* Works with manual or automatic microprocessor audiometers. General Description

* Power: 9 volt alkaline battery

* Size: 6.0 x 6.0 x 3.3 inches

* Weight: 1.0 lb.

* Construction: Aluminum housing with delrin coupler. Standard Accessories

* 9 volt battery

* Response cable (specify make and model of audiometer when ordering)

* Rubber feet

* Operator guide