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Quality Engineered Sound Isolation Rooms for Audiologists, Doctors, Clinics, and Hearing Aid Specialists.
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Standard Features
  • 34 ½" x 73 ¾" clear opening door
  • 24" x 30" double-glazed 1/4" acoustic window set in rubber gasket.
  • Jack panel
  • Ventilation, Carpeting, Window in door option.
  • Easy to install, take down and move.
  • No caulking - acoustic seal between panels is accomplished with Acoustical Rubber Seals.
  • Universal door system LHH or RHH
  • Electricity: plug in use, shipped in skids anywhere in North America.




audiometric rooms
Special Characteristics
  • Excellent acoustic characteristics
  • Completely isolated
  • Versatile
  • Excellent visibility
  • Comfortable to use
  • In-place Lighting
  • Attractive
125 19
250 30
500 39
1000 50
2000 58
4000 60


Available Models:

AB-200 • AB-2000 • AB-4230 • AB-4240 • AB-4250


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Military Booths


military audiometric booth


Single wall audiometric rooms made for today's high tech military Model AB-M2000 screening booths exceeds military standards. Audiological examination suites single wall control / double wall exam rooms are in military hospitals and MEPS installations all over the world


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military audiometric booth


Single Wall and Double Wall Sound Rooms

Screening Booths


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military audiometric booth


For the Broadcasting & Communications Industry


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